Mo, sucking sierra-hotel-one-tango with her pooh sucker!

About Us

Mo (Maureen) Bondar is a two horse, one pony, two donkey, two cat vegetarian that loves all things animal or vegetable based.


Peter (PB) on the other hand is at is happiest burning large quantities of hydrocarbons in the pursuit of speed or altitude preferably while gnawing a piece of dead cow. His latest love is Tilly, his Jack Russell.


Strangely this eclectic combination have been married for 10 years without obvious disagreement which lends to the theory of opposites attract!


Mo is at her happiest shovelling large amounts of horse dung and straw around her stables, or riding her two horses, Mr Chips and Cassie or talking to a 3ft nothing miniature Shetland pony Dinky!


Our latest additions are Charles and Toby, two Donkey Sanctuary rejects!


Peter is on cloud 9 when hurtling through the skies in a plane.


Having learnt to fly about 7 years ago Peter first had a part share in a 4 seater plane and then built his own two seater plane from scratch which he sold and then for 3 years had a 4 seater G-MOPB in which he burnt up the sky.


Sadly, a Spanish man with a large bag of Euros persuaded him to sell his pride and joy, whilst he waits for delivery of his newest love a DA42 TwinStar. Delivery is expected sometime!


Mo has now found what she’s been looking for, that elusive combination of little work and lots of money working for the James Cooke University Hospital aka the National Health Service! If it was only so. I keep asking her about share options and exit plans but I just get hit on the head.


Peter came to a parting of the ways with the principle shareholder in PMG, the company he had worked as managing director for 4 years.


He has now started his own company, the aptly named Flying Doctors which specialises in helping small and medium size high tech companies with all the issues that Peter has met with other companies over the past 25 years!

Peter looking incredibly smooth and corporatey!

Oh yes baby, come to daddy!

The glorious views around Keepers Cottage