WEB log

In no great importance, especially measured against the profound and far changing events around the world, however here are some of the minutiae events over the last 18 months at Bondar Central.

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Blobby after a very long innings passed on, hopefully to a better place. For an animal that hardly moved or did anything, he left a big hole in the family.

We’ve had snow, but unfortunately Mo could still get to work!

Peter’s construction projects have increased in size and grandeur. First the pony shelter, and here the Jesus stable, strangely we’ve had no visitations these last two Christmases.

Twice the pony shelter was blown over in winds exceeding 75 mph. Its now bolted to the ground with 1.5 meter posts!

After the departure of Blobby the house seemed empty so we sorted this out by the arrival of a tri-coloured Jack Russell bitch, which was the runt of the litter, called Tilly!

Blobby aka Tiger RIP

We’ve had more weather

Carol Smilie eat your heart out!

The weather

Peter’s pride and joy, Tilly!

In an attempt to make this, the Bondar Baronial mansion, there are three separate construction projects around the house. Here is the ‘East Wing’ going up!

Now Peter’s really losing his grip!

Of course, if you’ve got a small holding, then you need the right equipment? So Peter has now got his own little Japanese tractor for trundling round the estate. Plus accessories!

My First Little Tractor

The ride-on lawn mower finally expired, so we got Mo a Chinese, Honda look alike Quad bike to tow her pooh-sucker along, sadly it only lasted two outings! Clutch burnt out!

Mo’s first Quad Bike

Turning Japanese, we’ve now got a Yamaha, four wheel drive , fully automatic quad, hopefully no clutch will defeat Mo this time.

Mo’s second Quad Bike

It was a very sad day for Peter when his pride and joy left his hands, 500 hours, many great adventures and a lot of satisfaction went with G-MOPB. Fly on!

G-MOPB departs for sunnier climes

After now running 4 start-ups and turnarounds, Peter has decide to branch out and set up his own company specialising in helping small to medium high tech companies.

Flying Doc+ors

Sadly Jimbo had to be put down after losing a long, long battle with laminitis.

He was a lovely character and will be sadly missed.

RIP Jimbo March 2004